Sunday, January 8, 2017

May the sun's light be a source of inspiration to you, so that you may live your life with great adventure.

May you discover a new sense of loving kindness towards yourself.

May you embrace your unique, authentic self in all of your perfect imperfections.

May you set forth with courage when you walk the path of vulnerability, knowing that where there are shadows, there must also be light.
May your heart soften through life's grief and traumas, never growing cold.

May you embrace the wonder of your own divine being so that you live out your days with purpose and passionate intention.

May you always know the gift of a true friend.

May you show compassion and respect to yourself and all other beings, always.

May you be blessed with health and joy and peace.

May you be safe and loved.

And like the Earth's most heavenly flower, may you grow strong and wild and beautiful. - The Leilani Blessing

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